All set!


Marilyn and Bill beaming after the house set went so well.

1-20-2020, a day we will remember for a long time.

While it started out very cold, with the trailer tires of the first module frozen to the ground, the sun shone brightly all day making it a pleasant day to watch the factory set crew assemble our modules on the foundation.

It’s actually pretty amazing that all four factory-made modules, which never “met” before, came together so smoothly and accurately to set on the ~30 precast foundation panels that we made in a different factory!

Shannon Perrine from the local ABC affiliate interviewed us.

Shannon Perrine, reporter for a local Pittsburgh TV station (WTAE) came by to cover the house setting event. Shannon’s mother, Helen is the retired leader of the Affordable Comfort Conference (ACI), now the Building Performance Association, and helped me connect with Shannon. This group strongly influenced Bill’s thinking on this project during his 30 years of involvement with ACI/BPA. WTAE will soon run it as a promoted piece, and we’ll provide a link to the coverage.

The hard working team on site included the EcoCraft Homes (the builder), SMI (the factory and their set crew) and Davis Excavation (for pushing and pulling module trailers and minor earthmoving.)

Photo credits Marc Soracco, Soracco Photo

One thought on “All set!

  1. That’s awesome Bill!
    With your extensive experience in test instrumentation and energy efficiency, I am thrilled that you decided to showcase the modular build of your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing the equipment you selected, the installs and how the blower door testing goes.


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