Get ready, get set!

And there is no “Go” to end that sentence as it refers to the house modules which will be set on the foundation on January 20, 2020! (If the weather continues to cooperate.)

On Monday, January 20, 2020, beginning at about 10 am, the four factory-built house modules will be set by crane on to a prefabricated foundation that was installed in the last week.

Installing pre-cast foundation panels on January 14, 2020

While it will be impressive seeing the four, 40-ton modules being hoisted aloft by a 120 Ton crane, more important are the hidden details of construction where things are really happening to improve the home’s performance with regard to comfort, health and safety, Indoor Air Quality, durability and energy efficiency. These factors will be revealed, and measured, as this blog progresses.

Beginning on January 14, the modules were staged in a local church parking lot 1/2 mile up the road from the build site.
By evening on January 15, all 4 modules have been carefully “trucked” up on to the build site.

6 minute video of lifting and setting one foundation panel.

The team at Specialty Precast is really awesome. Not only are both owners on site during the foundation set, the team that built the wall panels are there to set them, too! Their original concept came from casting concrete decks for parking garages. They literally flipped the product on its side and add a top and bottom cap. Precision cut, chamfered foam blocks are set in the cavities and given a shave to make a smooth inner surface.

Specialty Precast, Prospect, PA – Prefabricated foundation manufacturer.

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