Indoor comfort control

Sensi Thermostat app - Ultimate control of your indoor climate (NOTE: My company TruTechTools is a re-seller of the Sensi Thermostat and the Sensi-Predict products.) We chose the Sensi Thermostat to control the 4 zones inside our home. Even though it's a well-designed, energy efficient home, physics (eg. stack effect) and nature (eg. wind, solar … Continue reading Indoor comfort control

Podcast host turned guest.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERERESTalk EP73: Bill Spohn’s High-Performance Home Journey (hosted by Laurel Elam) “The first step in clearly defining what it is you’re after because without knowing that, you’ll never get it.”- Halle BerryHow does a person deeply engaged in the world of home performance handle matters when it comes to building their own home?When … Continue reading Podcast host turned guest.