Indoor comfort control

Sensi Thermostat app – Ultimate control of your indoor climate

(NOTE: My company TruTechTools is a re-seller of the Sensi Thermostat and the Sensi-Predict products.)

We chose the Sensi Thermostat to control the 4 zones inside our home. Even though it’s a well-designed, energy efficient home, physics (eg. stack effect) and nature (eg. wind, solar radiation as the sun makes it’s transit) create different loads in different zones, plus there are some zones we aren’t occupying a regular basis.

Besides the implied reliability of an Emerson product, my sister bought one for her home first and loves it!

The screenshot above is the from the app which allows full control over the thermostat from anywhere in the world. This makes it really easy to change the settings whether we are at home or away. It also serves as a way for me to monitor the indoor temperature and humidity.

I’ve also noticed the Sensi app keeps getting better: between improved and enhanced info on the screens to service reminders to dehumidification control or “boost” mode. It’s really fun to operate and tune in our comfort! Plus, it sends an email message when the indoor humidity is too high.

73/51 feels good to me, how about you?

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