Modular Myths

When I describe the modular construction of our home, many people say: “Oh, it went together like Lego blocks!” Hence, the image above.

However, there is much more to it and if people have heard of modular construction, many misconceptions abound.

Luckily, I came across this great article about the common myths of modular construction: LINK

The article at the link is from Express Modular Franchising by Ken Semler.

Here are the 7 myths, below. Read the article at the link above to see how the myths are busted.

Myth #1: A Modular Home is a Manufactured Home (or mobile home)
Initially that terminology was confusing for us, too.

Myth #2: A Modular Home is Half the Price of a Site Built Home
I can easily attest to that!

Myth #3: A Modular Home isn’t Built as well as a Site Built Home
undefined Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is used in strategic locations

Myth #4: Modular Home Design is Rectangular and Boxy
This is not at rectangle or a box. undefined

Myth #5: Modular Construction is Temporary
Nope. We will live here, in this home in his location for a very long time.

Myth #6: Modular Homes are Built with Low-Quality Products
undefined Custom tile job in the bathrooms.

Myth #7: Modular Homes aren’t as Safe as a Site Built Home
Our builder had a study commissioned and determined that the truck trip to a site was the equivalent of an earthquake of Richter Scale 7. We noticed only 2 small cracks in the drywall in the whole house after setting.

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